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Benefits of European Breakdown Cover

If you breakdown abroad we have multilingual claims handlers who can help you make all the necessary arrangements. You don't need to worry about being fluent in the local languages.

How We Can Help?

If you breakdown while you're travelling...

  • We arrange roadside assistance to get you mobile straight away
  • If unfortunately you cannot be made mobile, we will also pay for transportation to the nearest repairer

Where We Help You?

Who We Help?

  • We Cover the Vehicle;
  • The Driver, and
  • Up to 4 Passengers

What Is Not Covered?

We only cover vehicles under 9 years old (annual policies) and up to 13 years old (single trip).

  • The First 72 Hours After Purchasing Cover

    We sell an insurance policy to protect your vehicle and its occupants against the risks of experiencing an unexpected breakdown. The cost of our policy is far cheaper than paying for a breakdown service if you do suffer a breakdown.

    In an effort to prevent people who have already broken down attempting to buy a policy to benefit from the prudence of others (which would then raise premiums for everyone), our policy restricts claims for incidents arising during the first 72 hours from the time of purchase.

  • 60 Days Cover – Individual Trips Exceeding 31 days

    The policy covers up to 60 days of trips within the period of insurance with a maximum of 31 days in any one trip.

  • EU Single Trip

    We only cover you if you are within the dates selected for your policy. Although we provide cover on the UK part of your journey to Europe, trips solely made in the UK are not covered under this type of policy.

  • Look After Your Vehicle

    No one wants to experience a breakdown, so you should always ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, especially if you are embarking on a long journey. Like most breakdown policies, we cannot cover vehicles which have not been properly serviced.

  • No Replacement Parts

    We do not cover the cost of replacement parts.

  • Faults Within the First 30 Days

    We do not cover battery, ignition or electrical faults within the first 30 days of commencement of the policy.

  • Specialist Equipment

    The policy does not cover specialist off highway recovery or winching costs (for example, where the vehicle has overturned or is without wheels).

Please Note: The above is only a summary of the benefits provided. You should read the Policy Wording for the full terms and conditions before you buy. You can also read the Keyfacts Documents.

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