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Our QDOS Rescue Services policy is designed to assist motorcyclists in the event of a breakdown. We can cover any motorcycle with an engine larger than 120cc. So whether you are travelling around country lanes or commuting to work you can rest assured that if you do breakdown we will be able to assist you.

We provide cover for a wide range of risks, including everything from your motor bike running out of fuel or suffering from a traditional mechanical breakdown.

You can choose the right level of cover for you, whether you need breakdown assistance at home, or roadside assistance and local recovery, or national recovery and onward journey.

We can assist you anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe.

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Rating as of Feb 2014
  • QDOS

    5 Stars
  • AA

    1.9 Stars
  • RAC

    2.1 Stars
  • Green Flag

    2.1 Stars
  • Start Rescue

    3.6 Stars
Sales Enquiry Line : 0800 440 2417