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Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Breakdown Cover

At QDOS, we can offer breakdown cover for your fleet of vehicles. We can cater for fleets of any size provided that the vehicles are cars, motorcycles (with an engine size more than 120cc) or light vans. The maximum size of any one vehicle cannot amount to more than 3500kg, 5.18 metres (17 feet) in length, 2.44 metres (8 feet) in height or 1.95 metres (6 feet 3 inches) in width. Although these are our standard dimensions, if you do have a vehicle that is bigger than these dimensions within your fleet we will try and accommodate you - please contact us and we can review your needs.

If you have a fleet that you would like us to provide a quote for, all we need is a list of the vehicle registrations you would like us to cover. We will do the rest and provide a quote straight away. You can call us on 0800 440 2417, email us at [email protected] or use our live chat facility.

To enquire about Breakdown Cover for your fleet of vehicles, you can fill out the form below and you may also attach an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx file) containing a list of all vehicles and registration plates. We will get back in touch with you to discuss your quote. This is almost always done the same working day. You can also call us on 0800 440 2417 if you prefer.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

In addition to our breakdown service you can be entered into our QDOS Assistance claims club. In the event that one of your vehicles is involved in a road accident our sister company QDOS Assistance will endeavour to arrange the following services for you;

  • Vehicle Repairs

    We can arrange repairs to your vehicle through an approved network of garages reducing key to key times. If the incident was non fault, instead of claiming under your policy of insurance, which may affect your claims experience and lead to an increase in your annual premium, QDOS Assistance will inspect your vehicle, pay for repairs and recover them from the negligent motorist's insurer.

  • Replacement Vehicle

    We have access to a large fleet of replacement vehicles all across the country. If you need a replacement vehicle to carry on with your business we will provide one to suit your needs including one the same specification as your damaged vehicle (in the event of a non fault accident). We will provide a replacement vehicle while your own is off the road, whether you are waiting for a settlement cheque for a write off (which we will obtain for you from the negligent motorists insurer) or waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, which we shall arrange.

  • Litigation Support

    We have a panel of expert solicitors who will recover your uninsured losses including loss of business or loss of income. Although we do hope to help you mitigate the impact on your business through utilising our services. QDOS Assistance can also recommend solicitors to handle any personal injury claims for your employees.

Making full use of our QDOS Assist accident service can actually lead to big savings in your motor insurance premium at renewal.

Unfortunately we cannot cover vehicles which are used for hire and reward for the time being.

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