Keep Your Windscreen Clear – Using Science!

When it comes to keeping your windscreen clear, it often results in wiping it with a cloth or other item to hand. However, recently a kind-hearted chap went to the trouble of carrying out a raft of scientific studies to definitively give you the best way to keep your windscreen clear and mist-free. Take a look and you will clearly see (pardon the pun) how and why it works:

  1. The first thing you do is turn on your heating, full blast. You use HOT air because hot air holds more moisture.
  2. Next, you turn your air conditioning ON. This is important because it pulls moisture out of the air as the air passes over the cold coils.
  3. Then, turn your inside air circulation OFF. The likelihood is that the outside winter air is cold, so it will not hold much water.
  4. Finally, put as many windows as possible down a little for a short time. This will exchange the humid air from your car with the dry air from outside.

Another couple of life hacks that can speed up the process even further:

  • Find one of those spare socks that you have lying about the house, place some cat litter into it and tie it up. Put this right at the base of your windscreen and it should help absorb moisture.
  • Ensure you keep those windows extra clean! Not only do clean windows help maintain visibility in every weather, but clean windows are less prone to fogging.

You should now be good to go! Now you know what to do, put it to good use next time you find yourself in this position. Stay safe on the roads! Remember, it’s not just about worrying when you have a vehicle breakdown, but even when the vehicle is running fine… its attention to the details, such as keeping your windscreen clear and visibility unhindered, which will avoid problems for you.