Breakdown Cover for Electric Cars (EV)

Purchasing Breakdown Cover for electric cars is a little trickier than choosing breakdown cover for traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. Given there are not just electric vehicles but also hybrids to consider, this makes things slightly more complicated.

Generally speaking, electric vehicles are more reliable as they have less moving parts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience problems of course. and should you be unfortunate enough to need breakdown cover for your EV (electric vehicle), then QDOS Breakdown have you covered. When purchasing UK cover, we have several options:

  • Local Breakdown Cover
  • Local plus Homestart Breakdown Cover
  • Nationwide Breakdown Cover (does not include Home-start)
  • Full UK Breakdown Cover (includes Nationwide and Home-start plus Onward Journey)

We also offer options for Personal Cover or Vehicle Cover. Personal Cover covers you as a person in any vehicle (even that of a friend etc) that is within the terms of the policy. Vehicle Cover is usually less expensive, but applies only to a nominated specific vehicle.


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Affordable, Reliable Breakdown Cover for Electric Cars

QDOS Breakdown has been around over 10 years and have great reviews from our customers. We offer quality Breakdown Cover at affordable and sensible prices, and also cover traditional petrol/diesel based vehicles as well as electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer various levels of UK Breakdown Cover and European Breakdown Cover including Single Trip options. We also offer Fleet breakdown cover for businesses. So, as you can see we have a comprehensive range of options if you need breakdown cover for electric cars.

When talking about electric cars or vehicles, there are several variations and abbreviations that you may come across such as:

  • EV – Electric Vehicle
  • HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
  • PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • ULEV – Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle

Essentially, these mean the same thing.. an Electric vehicle of some description.

So, if you’re looking for breakdown cover for your electric car, you’re in good hands and can get a quote by visiting the main website and using the quote system.