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  • Top 10 Worst Driving Habits

    It is quite common that soon after taking one of the most nerve-wracking tests a person can take, the dreaded driving test, many of us pick up bad habits. Some of the instructions taught to us go out the window because we do not have anyone by our side keeping us in check. Have you been the one guilty of any of these?

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  • Dealing with Potholes

    With the increase of rain and flooding, the roads in Britain have never been in worse shape; according to the 2015 annual local authority road maintenance report, 1 in 6 roads are in poor condition. Wet winters, flooding and bad weather are causing more potholes than local councils can keep up with, due to the constant freezing and thawing of the excess water. On average a car is damaged by a pothole every 11 minutes.

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  • How to Keep Your Windscreen De-Misted.... Using Science!

    When it comes to keeping your windscreen clear, it often results in wiping it with a cloth or other item to hand. However, recently a kind-hearted chap went to the trouble of carrying out a raft of scientific studies to definitively give you the best way to keep your windscreen mist-free. Take a look and you will clearly see (pardon the pun) how and why it works

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  • What to do if you Break Down

    Not many of us set off on our journey expecting a vehicle breakdown. It leaves drivers stranded and in a potentially dangerous environment. If a you are unlucky enough to have a breakdown then there are a few things you should know to keep you safe until breakdown assistance arrives.

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  • 8 Motoring Tips for Dealing with Floods

    Driving in wet conditions can be hazardous for any driver, even if they have years of driving experience behind them as even the most modern road surface is liable to standing water. Before setting off ask yourself if the journey you are about to take is essential. If not, delay it until the rain has subsided.

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  • Motoring Tips for Winter Weather

    Nobody likes driving when the weather is cold, wet and icy. So we have complied a list of useful tips to help you get through the winter.

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  • Winter Motoring Myths - Fact or Fiction

    Winter weather can be unpredictable. We’ve all had a frozen windscreen and wondered whether it is safe to pour hot water on it…or not. We have taken some common motoring myths and busted them so that you can stay safe and keep your car in tip top condition.

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  • What is Breakdown Insurance?

    Breakdown insurance is an insurance policy, which protects you against the risk of breaking down in your vehicle.  There are two types of breakdown service you can buy.  There is an automatic service policy where the recovery is arranged for you.  You don’t have to pay anything out personally and the bill for recovery services is settled directly by the insurance company.  This is the type of policy we provide.  There are also reclaim policies, where you organise the recovery and claim the cost back form the insurance company.  We do not sell that type of policy, because we want to make sure you get the help you need when you need it.

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  • What Happens If You Breakdown Abroad?

    If there is anything worse than your car breaking down, it must be breaking down abroad.  Even if you are fluent in the language without knowledge of local recovery agents and repairers, arranging assistance might be difficult.  Worse still, if your car cannot be repaired before you are due to return home you will be faced with extending your stay or leaving it there, only to return and collect it at a later date or pay the cost of shipping. 

    You will also need to make alternative travel arrangements to get to your destination or back to the UK. This is where our European Breakdown Cover will really help.

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  • How to Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown

    Whilst we at QDOS provide an award winning Breakdown Recovery service, it goes without saying that we would rather you never break down in the first place. There are some simple things you can do to avoid breaking down unexpectedly.

    Obviously it goes without saying that you should keep your vehicle in a good state of repair, regularly serviced and carry our any remedial work as soon as any problems arise. However, there are some additional things you can do to ensure smooth running of your vehicle.

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