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We try to make our website informative and easy to understand, but we appreciate you may want more information to help you decide if our policy is right for you.  If you do we’d love to hear from you and you can contact us through our live help facility or by calling 0800 440 2417.


In case you’re browsing outside office hours we have compiled a list of the questions we get asked most often and provide our answers.  Please have a look to see whether these will help.  If not, you can always email your question to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as the office is open.


General breakdown questions are answered at the top.  Any questions relating specifically to European Cover are answered below that.



Cover Related Questions


› Why can’t I claim for 48 hours after buying the policy?

The policy terms and conditions mean cover is not permitted to commence within 48 hours of purchasing the policy. This is to help us prevent fraudulent claims and to keep premiums lower for everyone.

› Does the 48 exclusion mean that I will lose 2 days of cover?

No. The term of insurance starts on the day requested by you so as long as the day is 48 hours or more from the time of purchase. If we agree to waive any of the 48 period, then you will lose the period we waive from the term of your policy.

› What happens if I have already broken down? Can I get immediate cover? If not why not?

We are unable to provide immediate assistance for the cost of one of our policies. We provide an insurance policy that guards against the risk of breaking down. This is much cheaper than paying for assistance once you have broken down. However, you are welcome to contact our Help Centre on 0800 112 4353 for a price for uninsured assistance.

› How many vehicles does QDOS fix at the roadside?

We currently fix 75% of vehicles at the roadside within the hour permitted under the policy.

› What happens if my vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside?

The vehicle, along with the driver and any passengers, will be recovered to the nearest repairer, which shall be at our discretion (conditions apply).

› Can I be taken straight home or to my choice of garage instead of the nearest garage?

We will always attempt to fix your vehicle at the roadside. If we cannot fix your vehicle in the first hour, and we have reason to think the fault could be repaired the same day, we will recover you and your vehicle to the nearest garage. The choice of garage is at our discretion; however, if your preferred garage is nearby it may be possible for you to be taken there.

› What if the garage cannot repair my vehicle?

Where your vehicle cannot be repaired by the end of the working day and you have National Recovery & Onward Journey the vehicle and all persons will be transported back home, to your original destination, or a repairer in either location. (Please note a hire vehicle or B&B accommodation may be covered).

› If I am towing another vehicle do both vehicles get recovered to the nearest garage?

Yes. If you break down while towing a caravan or trailer, providing the caravan/trailer meets the policy requirements, it will be recovered with the vehicle. Caravan and trailer cover is included free of charge on UK policies and is available for a small fee on European policies.

› Do QDOS pay for my repairs at the garage?

Our policy is to assist you with a breakdown. It does not pay for repairs carried out at the garage. However European cover does pay up to £175.00 to make your vehicle secure following an attempted theft or break in.

› What vehicles do you cover?

We cover cars, motorised caravans, motorcycles exceeding 120cc, light vans, estate cars, 4x4 vehicles, towed caravans/trailers. The maximum age of vehicle we insure is 16 years old for UK annual, 9 years old on EU annual and 13 years old on EU Single trip policies. Eligible vehicles need to be owned by or the responsibility of the policyholder. All need to be in a good roadworthy condition, and maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

› Are there any vehicles that you cannot cover?

We are unable to cover motorcycles under 120cc, vehicles used for Hire or Reward, couriers, vehicles with more than 8 seats or those exceeding 4250kg gross vehicle weight, 8m length, 3.5m high, 2.5m wide. We cannot cover any vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 3000cc. Vehicles used for motor racing, rallies, speed or duration. Please refer to the policy terms & conditions for full limitations and exclusions.

› Am I covered if I service my vehicle myself?

The policy states that the insured vehicle must be maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Please refer to the manufacturer of your vehicle if you are unsure.

› Is there an excess or call out charge?

Our policies do not impose a call out charge or excess. We also don’t ask you to pay for the recovery and claim the costs back at a later date like some other recovery companies.

› How many times can I call for assistance?

This depends on the type of policy that you have purchased (your policy terms and conditions will confirm this for you). Our European Single Trip and vehicle policies do not have a limit on callouts during the policy term. Personal policies allow for 6 call outs or 9 if you choose a joint personal policy.


If you want to restrict your policy to one callout per year you can select our One Call Discount option. This will reduce your premium by up to 40%. Don't worry, if you use your callout you can simply buy another policy and your cover starts again!

› What is the difference between Personal and Vehicle cover?

Personal cover is available and covers the named person(s) in any eligible vehicle as a driver or a passenger. A Vehicle policy covers the vehicle and anyone who is legally insured to drive the vehicle.

› I don't understand why I cannot start cover for 10 days for my trip to Europe?

You can. All our cover starts after 48 hours. So, as long as the requested start date is at least 48 hours from the time the policy is purchased, the cover will commence on the date that you request.

› If cover starts on European polices after 48 hours why do you mention 10 days?

Our European policies provide special 'Prior to Departure' cover. If the insured vehicle is lost, immobilised or made unroadworthy as a result of a breakdown, accident, fire or theft in the 7 days immediately before your planned trip we will be able to assist you. The policy will pay up to £750 towards the hire of a suitable replacement to enable you to carry out the trip; or it will cover the cost of rebooking any sea crossing which may have been missed. As this cover is in effect for the 7 days before your travel we need to provide a 3 day exclusion before it starts. That is where the 10 days comes from.

› If my vehicle cannot be repaired whilst in Europe, will the policy bring my vehicle home?

If the insured vehicle is lost, immobile or rendered unroadworthy and the repairs cannot be completed while you are in Europe, we will pay the cost of transporting your vehicle back home to the UK (including necessary garage storage costs, transportation costs and shopping charges). The amount payable to repatriate the vehicle is limited to its current UK market value.

› If my vehicle is repatriated, how would I get back home?

The policy pays the cost of transporting you, your passengers and luggage back home in the UK. The means of transport is at our discretion.

› What countries are covered in Europe?

Andorra, Austria, Balearics, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, European part of Turkey plus Uskudar.

› How do I renew my policy? Do you automatically renew it for me?

We do not store any card/payment details and do not automatically renew your policy. We remind you to renew it approximately four weeks before the end of the policy by email and then by telephone closer to the renewal date. You can either renew online by purchasing a new policy, or by contacting our Sales Team on 0800 440 2417.

› Who will come and attend to me?

We use a fully audited network of independent recovery agents. They all adhere to a strict service level agreement and are ISO accredited. They are all members of professional recovery associations.

› If my vehicle cannot be repaired while in Europe, will I be able to have a hire vehicle to continue with my holiday?

Yes. If your vehicle is beyond repair, or cannot be repaired before the end of your trip (or has been stolen), there is cover under the policy to keep you mobile. The policy will pay up to a maximum total of £750 for a hire vehicle (where available). We will pay for the rental charge of up to a Group C vehicle, collision damage waiver, and any delivery charge (terms and conditions may apply with individual car hire companies).

› What if a hire vehicle is not available or if I do not want a hire vehicle, what happens then?

The £750 could cover the cost of B&B accommodation, up to a maximum of £125 per person. It could also cover the additional cost of transporting you, your passengers and luggage to your destination by public transport.

› Do you offer cover for the outlying islands around the UK?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer breakdown cover if you reside in Guernsey. However, we do offer cover for residents of the Isle of Man and Jersey.



General Questions


› Why haven't I heard of QDOS before?

We are relatively new to the industry, although we have been selling breakdown insurance since 2005 through Insurance Brokers and Car Dealerships. We do not advertise in the same way as others, but we can be found on various comparison sites. Reviews for our company can be found on independent review sites such as and

› Why don't I see QDOS recovery vehicles?

We do not operate our own fleet. The advantage to this is we do not have the costs of operating a fleet which would increase the cost of our premiums. We have plenty of recovery vehicles available to ensure speedy response times.

› Why is QDOS cheaper than the more well known recovery companies?

We prefer to say, 'why are they so expensive?' We do not have the cost of operating our own vehicles. We also operate mainly on the internet which allows us to save costs on staff and postage charges.

› How do I get a quote?

There is the option to get a free quote on every page. The process is simple and you only require the vehicle registration number to obtain a quote. You will not be asked for any personal information unless you accept the quote and proceed to buy.

› Why is the comparison site showing a different price?

It may be possible that the comparison site has not asked for all of the information needed to formulate a valid quote or it may be a 'starting' price.

› Other breakdown companies mention zones for their EU policies; does this apply to you?

No we do not operate a 'zone' system when travelling abroad. All of our European policies cover all of the above countries.

› Can I pay monthly?

We do not currently have the option to pay the premium in instalments. We ask for one payment at the time of purchasing the policy.

› Is my online payment secure?

Yes. QDOS Insurance Services is Trustwave compliant. Our payments are taken by Sagepay who are a multinational organisation and are PCI compliant.

› Do you have any additional charges?

In the event of a policy amendment, or cancellation, there is a small administration charge of £7.50 for us to process the amendment/cancellation for you (this is half the cost of our competitors). It also ensures that your policy is up to date as we cannot cover vehicles that are not notified and registered with us.

› Do I need to advise you of a change of vehicle or address?

Yes. A change of vehicle or address must be notified immediately. Please note that we can only assist those vehicles that are registered with us. Please phone our Sales Team on 0800 440 2417 (policy amendments are subject to an administration charge).

› I need to add another driver onto the policy; how do I do this?

If you have Vehicle Cover then the vehicle is insured and the policy will cover anyone who is legally insured to drive the vehicle.


If you have Personal Cover you cannot add another driver to the policy.

› Can I amend my policy online myself?

This is something we are currently working on and will be available to all customers soon.

› Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving your documents (which are sent out automatically when you purchase your policy) you will be entitled to a full refund less our administration charge of £7.50 (subject to no claim having been made). If you decide to cancel after 14 days, no premium refund is due (please refer to our Terms of Business).


Claim Related Questions


› What happens if I break down, who do I call?

Our UK based Help Centre is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They can be contacted on 0800 112 4353 or 01444 442 007 if you prefer a UK landline number, or are calling from outside the UK.

› Do you have a telephone number that is mobile user friendly?

You may find that calling 01444 442 007 is better from a mobile, but that could depend on your mobile operator/agreement.

› What happens if I break down on a French Toll road/motorway?

You must use one of the emergency roadside phones provided and obtain assistance from the local authority. At the same time, please remember to contact us so that we can make arrangements to meet you where the local recovery services leave you. We will want to note the file to expect an invoice to reimburse you for reasonable costs incurred once back in the UK (the call out fees and recovery charges are set by the French government).


Documentation Questions


› How do I receive my documents?

We aim to keep costs down wherever possible, and to do this we email policy documents as soon as the payment is received. If you require the documents in the post you can pay an additional small fee and you should receive them within 7 days.

› I haven't received my documents via email? What happens if I don’t have an email address?

The documents are sent to the email address you provide. It may be possible for the email to make its way into your junk/spam folder rather than your inbox, so 'whitelisting' our address is a good idea. If you do not have an email address please contact our Sales Team on 0800 440 2417.


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