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Benefits of UK Breakdown Cover

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When We Help

We have four policies with different levels of cover.  We’ve put this table together to help explain what the different policies cover, and there is more information below to help you decide.



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Roadside & Local Cover

from £12.65

Roadside, Local & Home

from £17.99

Roadside & National

from £15.99

Complete UK Recovery

from £20.99

Roadside AssistanceOur recovery agent will spend up to an hour trying to fix the fault with your vehicle.
Recovery up to 10 milesOur recovery agent will take the driver and up to seven passengers to the nearest suitable garage within 10 miles.
Nationwide RecoveryWe recover the driver, up to 7 passengers and the vehicle to the drivers home address or a garage of your choice in that location    
Onward JourneyWe recover the driver, up to 7 passengers and the vehicle to the original location or a garage of your choice in that location    
HomestartYou are covered for breakdowns at your house or within a mile of your house.    
Hire CostsWe pay £100 towards the cost of a hire car (or public transport) for 24 hours to get the driver and passengers home or to their original destination.    
Bed & BreakfastWe cover the cost of overnight accommodation and breakfast if necessary and you are more than 25 miles from home.    
Theft CoverIf your vehicle is stolen and unrecovered by the end of the working day we arrange for the driver and passengers to go home or to their original destination.    
Medical TransferWe can arrange medical transfer of the driver if they are overcome by illness.
Message RelayWe make up to two calls to friends, family or colleagues to let them know if you will be late.

Our quote engine will bring up a quote for Roadside and Local Recovery. You can add Home Start and National Recovery and Onward Journey separately. If you add both you will have a quote for our Complete UK Cover. If you just add Home Start you will have a quote for Local, Roadside and Home Start.

Who We Help

You can cover a specific vehicle with Vehicle Cover.  This covers the vehicle, the driver (whoever that may be) and up to seven passengers.  You can also select Dual Vehicle Cover, which covers up to two vehicles under one policy.


Alternatively you can choose Personal Cover (one named person) or Joint Cover (two named people).  With this policy, any vehicle that the named person is driving or travelling within is covered, together with up to seven people travelling in the same vehicle.


Our vehicle cover policies allow you unlimited call outs during the term of the policy. If you purchase a personal policy you are entitled to 6 call outs or a combined maximum of nine call outs for joint personal policies.


If you want to restrict your policy to one callout per year you can select our One Call Discount option. This will reduce your premium by up to 50%. Don't worry, if you use your callout you can simply buy another policy and your cover starts again!


Where We Help

Our Roadside and Local Recovery policy covers you for breakdowns anywhere in the UK except breakdowns at your home address or within a mile of your home.

If you think you may need assistance at your home address or within a mile from your home as well, you will need to select Home Start (this can be selected as an addition to Roadside and Local Recovery or as part of a Complete UK Cover) when you use the quote engine.


Vehicle cover is available for 41 European Territories for an annual policy (vehicles up to 9 years old) and single trip (vehicles up to 13 years old). Please see our European Benefits page for full details.

How We Help

All our policies include one hour’s Roadside Assistance to try and get you mobile again. If unfortunately that’s not possible we will transport you and up to seven of your passengers to the nearest repairer (for our Roadside and Local Recovery policy with or without Home Start that will be a repairer within 10 miles of your breakdown).

If you select National Recovery and Onward Journey (which you will have if you purchase Complete UK Cover) we will take you to the nearest repairer (although the nearest repairer does not need to be within 10 miles). However, if that repairer cannot fix your vehicle by the end of the working day, we will transport you, your passengers and your vehicle to the policy holder’s address or your original destination. Alternatively, we can deliver your vehicle to a repairer in either of those locations.


Other Ways We Help

All our policies include;


Message Relay

We can make two telephone calls to your friends, family or business associates to inform them of possible delays.


Medical Transfer

If the driver is hospitalised in the course of a journey we can arrange medical transfer, although the policy holder must meet the costs.


Our National Recovery and Onward Journey (which is part of our Complete UK Cover) policies also include;


Replacement Hire Car / Transport Costs

If necessary, to get you and your passenger’s home or to your original destination, we can arrange and will pay up to £100 towards a hire car for 24 hours or cover the costs of your public transport.


Bed and Breakfast

If you are more than 25 miles from home and the accident happens late at night, the policy can cover the cost of overnight accommodation in a local hotel while repairs are completed.



What Is Not Covered

We only cover vehicles under 16 years old (13 years old for European Single Trip)

The First 48 Hours

We sell an insurance policy to protect your vehicle and its occupants against the risks of experiencing an unexpected breakdown. The cost of our policy is far cheaper than paying for a breakdown service if you do suffer a breakdown.


In an effort to prevent people who have already broken down attempting to buy a policy to benefit from the prudence of others (which would then raise premiums for everyone), our policy restricts claims for incidents arising during the first 48 hours from the time of purchase.


Look After Your Vehicle

No one wants to experience a breakdown, so you should always ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, especially if you are embarking on a long journey. Like most breakdown policies, we cannot cover vehicles which have not been properly serviced.


No Replacement Parts

We do not cover the cost of replacement parts.


Specialist Equipment

The policy does not cover specialist off highway recovery or winching costs (for example, where the vehicle has overturned or is without wheels).


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